Secunda’s Most Spectacular Hiking Trails

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Secunda, nestled in South Africa’s Mpumalanga province, is more than just an industrial town. It’s a haven for outdoor enthusiasts, boasting a plethora of hiking trails suited for every skill level. From loops that take you through serene nature to trails offering historic sights, every path in Secunda promises a unique experience. And after your trek? A cosy bed and breakfast in Secunda awaits.

1) Secunda Green Belt Loop

This 10.6-km loop is a favourite among many – be it for mountain biking, running, or a peaceful walk. Despite its popularity, there’s a chance for tranquillity, especially during the less busy hours. The trail surrounds Lake Umuzi, where you can indulge in safe fishing.

If you’re staying at the Lake Umuzi Kamp Oase Caravan Resort or the Umuzi Lodge Accommodation, you get exclusive access to the serene lower dam, a part of the Secunda Bird Sanctuary.

2) Vinkedam – Hamerkopdam

A 6.1-km loop trail that is perfect for those looking for a moderately challenging route. The path is well-trodden by hikers, runners, and walkers alike, but there are still pockets of peace and solitude if you time your visit right.

3) Secunda Trail

Spanning 9.8 km, the Secunda Trail is another loop that promises adventure and beauty. Though it’s a hotspot for hiking, running, and walking, the vastness of the trail ensures you can find a quiet spot to connect with nature.

4) Eendedam Park Trail

For those looking for a shorter and easier route, the Eendedam Park Trail is ideal. This 2.6-km loop might be brief, but it doesn’t skimp on the scenic beauty that Secunda is known for. It’s perfect for a quick hike or a relaxed walk.

5) Springbok Street Trail

This 6.0-km trail offers a balanced hiking experience. Popular among runners and walkers, it’s a moderately challenging route where one can immerse in Secunda’s natural wonders while getting a good workout.

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