What Makes Mpumalanga Such a Special Province?

by | Jul 6, 2023 | Mpumalanga

When deciding which region to visit in South Africa, you have so many stunning locations to choose from. A province that you shouldn’t overlook is Mpumalanga, which is home to a plethora of natural wonders and breathtaking views.

As an affordable guesthouse in Mpumalanga, we’re here to sing its praises and tell you exactly what it is that makes this province so special!

Home to the World’s Largest Green Canyon

Blyde River Canyon is a destination that finds itself on many people’s bucket lists as it is the world’s largest known green canyon. The 26-kilometer-long canyon offers some of the most incredible views that South Africa has to offer.

A Special Name

The word ‘Mpumalanga’ means ‘the place where the sun rises’ in Zulu. This beautiful name is especially fitting for this province.

Bordering Two Other Nations

Mpumalanga borders two other nations, namely Swaziland and Mozambique. This makes it an ideal location if you’re looking to visit any other African countries during your travels.

Spectacular Array of Wildlife

Some of the animals that can be found in Mpumalanga include elephants, giraffes, impalas, zebras, hippos, and many more! The area is also known for being home to a wide variety of birds and insects.

An Essential Agricultural Region

Thanks to its dependable rainfall and rich soil, Mpumalanga is one of South Africa’s most important agricultural regions. Some of the crops you’ll find in the province include tobacco, cotton, wheat, and a variety of fruits and vegetables.

Dream Destination for Nature Lovers

While Mpumalanga may not be as built up as some of South Africa’s other provinces, such as the Western Cape or Gauteng, Mpumalanga is home to vast expanses of untouched beauty—making the area a dream destination for nature lovers. Those interested in hiking and nature walks will be treated to views of cascading waterfalls, deep valleys, and sub-tropical vegetation.

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