How to Choose Between Guesthouses in Mpumalanga

by | May 25, 2022 | Guesthouses

Mpumalanga is a truly exceptional province that is often underrated. The province offers unparallel natural beauty, filled with dams, waterfalls, hiking, trails, and many hidden gems. A holiday to Mpumalanga will take you off the beaten track and provide you with many memorable experiences that you’ll never forget. But with so many guesthouses in Mpumalanga, how do you choose the best place to stay during your trip?

What Area do You Want to Stay in

The area you want to explore in Mpumalanga should help you narrow down your search o guesthouses. Perhaps there is a particular waterfall, hiking trail, or art gallery you want to visit. It would only make sense to stay close by. You could also do a road trip through Mpumalanga, staying at multiple guesthouses along the way.

Your Budget

Certain guest houses in Mpumalanga are very affordable, while offers can be quite expensive. You should have a look at your budget and decide how much you want to spend each night, then filter out any options that are above this amount.

Facilities on Offer

You should always check out the facilities on offer before booking any type of accommodation. You may really want self-catering facilities so that you can prepare basic meals, or you may put a high value on things like DSTV and other entertainment.


Unfortunately, when living and traveling in South Africa safety is something that we do always need to be thinking about. When booking a guesthouse in Mpumalanga you want to choose one that prioritises safety through security systems and off-street parking if possible. It is also important to always ask locals if there are any areas that you should avoid.


Reading online reviews can be a great way to help you choose the right guesthouse in Mpumalanga. Read what previous guests have had to say, as well as how the owner may have replied to negative reviews. Reviews will give you insight into what you can expect.

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