Plants and Animals You May See during Your Stay in Tzaneen

by | Oct 12, 2022 | Plants and Animals

Tzaneen is truly a nature lover’s paradise, and there are many opportunities to spot a wide variety of native fauna and flora during your stay. The area is home to plenty of dams, lakes, hiking trails, parks, and other natural environments that are filled with plants, birds, insects, and mammals.

As one of the leading guesthouses in Tzaneen town, Kaste Guesthouse is very proud of our array of local wildlife. Below is a list of some of the plants and animals you can expect to see during your trip.

Bird Life

Birders come from far and wide to view Tzaneen’s incredible bird life, so bring your binoculars! Tzaneen is famous for its Crested Louries, Crowned Eagles, Black Fronted Bush Shrikes, Cape Parrots, Green Twinspots, and so many more bird species. The best place to view the birds are in the mountain grasslands as well as Tzaneen’s dams.

Fruit Trees

Driving around Tzaneen, one of the first things that may catch your eye is the incredible number of fruit trees. Although Tzaneen is a small garden town, it is responsible for producing around 40% of the country’s avocados and around 20% of its mangos. The conditions in Tzaneen are ideal for growing a wide variety of fruits, so be sure to taste the local produce.

Vervet Monkeys

Vervet monkeys are cute yet cheeky little grey monkeys that can be found throughout most of South Africa. Tzaneen is home to many troops of vervet monkeys, and they can be seen all around town and in surrounding areas. It is advised that you do not need these monkeys as they can be aggressive. Tzaneen town is also home to the Vervet Monkey Foundation.

Lotana Blue Butterfly

The Lotana Blue butterfly is a critically endangered species of butterfly and can be found in Tzaneen’s surrounding mountainous area, known as Wolkberg. This is one of only two places in the entire world where this rare butterfly can be found!

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