Underrated Places in South Africa to Visit this Summer

by | Dec 29, 2022 | Secunda

South Africa is a vast, beautiful, and diverse country that offers countless incredible summer holiday destinations. While there is a lot of hype surrounding popular places such as Cape Town, Sun City, and Ballito, there are so many hidden gems scattered around the country that also deserve your attention.

Visiting lesser-known places means that you’ll get to experience authentic local charm and avoid the mass of tourists that you’d have to deal with in more popular destinations.

In this article, we’ll shed some light on a few of the top underrated places in South Africa that you should consider visiting this summer.

East London

Often overshadowed by its neighbouring city of Port Elizabeth, East London is usually forgotten about when looking for a beach holiday destination in the Eastern Cape. However, East London offers mild weather, friendly locals, and some of South Africa’s most beautiful beaches. Consider staying in the suburb of Nahoon if you want the full beach experience.


Hilton is a small town located just outside of Pietermaritzburg, and while this town is small it certainly has a lot to offer visitors. The town is full of art and culture, with many charming cafes and art galleries. This is the ideal destination for those looking for a mixture of natural beauty and visual arts and crafts.


It is surprising how many South Africans have not even heard of Tzaneen, especially when you consider how charming this small town is. In addition to a relaxing, laidback atmosphere, you’ll enjoy a vast variety of local fauna and flora. Responsible for producing nearly half of S.A’s avocados and mangoes, Tzaneen is a tropical paradise.


With many affordable self-catering accommodation options available in Secunda, this little town makes for the ideal family holiday destination. There are tons of activities for both the adults and the kids to partake in, and there are several different hikes on offer. Secunda is certainly the gem of Mpumalanga.

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