Cheap Lodges in Tzaneen

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What to Keep in Mind When Looking for Cheap Lodges in Tzaneen

Tzaneen is a fantastic, and somewhat underrated holiday destination. But many of the accommodation options that you come across in Tzaneen can be quite pricy, and holiday expenses can add up very quickly. Save your money for other holiday activities and luxuries by looking for cheap lodges in Tzaneen.

When looking for affordable accommodation, keep the following in mind!

Self-Catering is Your Best Option

When trying to save money on accommodation, self-catering is usually your best option. Self-catering means that there is no food included but you’ll be provided with basic facilities to prepare and store your own food, such as microwaves, fridges, and kettles, giving you control over your meals and saving you money. Self-catering accommodation is also usually significantly cheaper per night.

Book In Advance if Possible

If you start looking for cheap lodges in Tzaneen ahead of time you may be able to find a great deal. Booking out of season is also a great way to save on costs. You can expect to pay the most when you are looking for last minute accommodation in peak seasons.

Do Not Compromise on Safety or Comfort

Just because you are looking for cheap lodges in Tzaneen does not mean that you should ever have to compromise when it comes to safety and comfort. You should still prioritise finding a lodge that offers you a secure environment with all of the amenities that you need for a comfortable stay.

Kaste Guesthouse: Your Ideal Option

If you are looking for a cheap lodge in Tzaneen then your ideal option would definitely be Kaste Guesthouse. We aim to keep our prices really reasonable and affordable so that you don’t have to spend a fortune on your holiday or business trip. Just because our prices are cheap, that doesn’t mean you’ll be compromising on any comforts. You’ll have everything you need for a relaxing and comfortable stay in the beautiful area of Tzaneen.


Looking for cheap lodges in Tzaneen? Kaste Guesthouse is the answer you have been looking for! Get in touch with our friendly team today to book your stay with us.

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