Top Amenities to look out for when booking cheap accommodation

by | Mar 17, 2023 | Book Accommodation

When choosing an affordable place to stay for your next getaway, make sure not to compromise on the following amenities that could make or break your holiday experience. Whether you are looking for cheap lodges in Secunda or around South Africa, take the following into consideration before confirming your booking.

First and Foremost, Security.

The harsh reality of travelling through South Africa is that we need to be aware of our safety. For peace of mind during your holiday escape, first on the list would be finding accommodation that allows you and your belongings to be secure. If you are travelling by car, off-street parking is a must. Pay attention to the images advertised of the property, if there are burglar bars on the windows, electric fencing or any other details that would make you feel more at ease during your stay.


Often cheaper accommodation can be associated with a lower standard of hygiene. This should not be the case. When booking your next low-cost stay, take the time to read the reviews, especially regarding the cleanliness of the place. You´ll want to have a peaceful night’s sleep without the worry of whether or not the bed sheets are clean.

Fridge, Microwave, Toaster or Kettle.

If you are opting for a more budget friendly holiday, eating out for every meal could add up to be quite an expense as well as an inconvenience. However, if your accommodation has the facilities to prepare a light meal for breakfast or at the end of a long day, this can go a long way.


The last thing that you want from your holiday is to have spent more time in the car navigating than actually experiencing what the city has to offer. Ensure that the accommodation is in close proximity to that your points of interest, as well as to facilities such as supermarkets, malls and restaurants.

If you entered these amenities into the search filter for cheap lodges in Secunda or Tzaneen, this is where you would come across Kaste Guest house. At our Guesthouse, we offer you accommodation to suit your budget without having to compromise on any comforts. Make your booking with peace of mind in our clean, secure and comfortable rooms.

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